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Because Being Amazing With Women
Is Not An Art Form, It's A SCIENCE,
When You Follow These Step-By-Step Formulas

In this ground-breaking 263-page manual, I peel back the curtain and teach you the exact dating system I've used for years. Word-for-word.

You'll discover:

How Does "The Attraction Code" Work?

1. The Attraction Code gives you exact step-by-step instructions to walk up to a beautiful woman, get her phone number, go on a date and even bring her back to your place for a fun, steamy, sexual adventure

These aren't "lines" or routines.

You don't memorize a thing.

And you'll never walk up to a group of strangers to ask them "Which one of you is the BAD girl?" or other creepy shit like that.

You'll discover TOPICS to talk about (and exact words to say) to instantly trigger her intimate emotions.

She'll secretly think: "Wow, this guy is smooth. Something inside me finds him attractive"

Then it's up to YOU to decide whether you want a relationship... or not.

The Power Is Back In YOUR Hands

2. The Attraction Code will teach you why women are the sexy, frustrating creatures they are, and you'll get a SNEAK-PEEK into a woman's mind so it will never confuse you, ever again.

When It Comes To Meeting Women,
Your Mind Can Be Your Best Friend
...Or Your Worst Enemy

On one hand, your mind can cook up brilliant ways to make women fawn all over you. Until she looks at you with eyes full of love, no matter what "words" you say to her, softly.

On the other hand – Your mind can SABOTAGE your success with women. You can IMAGINE the THOUSANDS of dreadful ways she'll reject you.

These "mental pictures" seem REAL - So you get anxious (even scared) of approaching a beautiful woman.

And then when you finally act, you freeze up, your mind goes 'blank' or you don't know the right thing to say.

Because Of The Modern 'Media,'
'Pop' Music And Movies,
Your Brain Is Working AGAINST You!

Read The Attraction Code just once and you'll quickly master powerful tools that make your mind feed you real-world solutions, instead of imaginary, fluffed up problems.

Quick Fixes" like:

You Can Read The Attraction Code
→ FREE ←
(For A Limited Time ONLY)

You can read The Attraction Code – your nearly illegal system packed with 'black market' secrets to get ANY woman you choose attracted and aroused – Absolutely free for seven full days.

You'll become part of Tony's 'last wish,' and join thousands men around the globe who live these techniques for themselves.

And part of his dream was to have this book in bookstores, world-wide.

Now, I already have a few thousand letters from my readers (2,443 at last count) so it won't be a long time until my publisher says "OK, OK, we'll print a few thousand copies of The Attraction Code for the general public."

But until then, you can read The Attraction Code FREE for seven whole days. Yes, you get an honest bribe to pick up a copy and find your future wife, girlfriend or one-time hookup, tonight.

(Then, if you feel like it, you can mail in your success story and add it to the pile)

And since I'm offering you an ethical bribe anyways, I'll sweeten the pot to make this an offer you CAN'T refuse...

You'll Also Immediately Download
Four FREE Bonus Books
That Answer Every Question
You've Ever Asked Yourself
About Meeting Women

You see, Tony and I didn't just master "meeting women."

We also figured out how to get any woman turned on using only our words, how to touch a woman so that sex with her is "in the bag" – not an "option", and how to muscle women into picking up their phones like their favorite rock star was on hold, instead of ignoring your calls and dodging you for dates.

You'll immediately download an absolutely free 'mini book' on each of these topics when you claim your copy of The Attraction Code, today.

Check them out:

The DiCarlo Escalation Ladder, 2nd Edition

"How To Quickly Go From Eye Contact All the Way to The Bedroom Smoothly, Easily And Without Rejection"

If you don't know when to go in for the kiss... Or how women like to be touched, then The DiCarlo Escalation ladder will make moving from handshake to sex easy and rejection-free.

Because women like to be touched a certain WAY.

That's why she's OK with one guy putting his hands all over her... and... Won't even hold hands with another guy, who 'screws it up'.

I discovered a series of PLACES to touch a woman that A) turn her ON... and B) Make her EAGER for your next touch.

So when you finally go in for the kiss... Or when it's time for sex...

... You feel smooth, calm and in control. Instead of awkward or nervous.

For example, you'll discover

No Flakes! E-book, 2nd Ed.

"Get Any Woman To Return Your Phone Calls,
Meet You In Person, And Become Addicted
(To You) 'Till She Tries To Get YOU In Bed."

It's easy to screw up your first phone call or text message. Because you can't use your hands, body language or tone of voice, at all.

And HOW you say something is even more important than what you say. For example, two people can read the sentence below:

"You're so cute"

... And see it two different ways. From you, it may be an honest compliment. To her, it sounds insulting. ESPECIALLY if you two just went on your first date!

That's why I developed the NoFlakes! system.

You'll discover EXACT, word-for-word text messages... How to get her on the phone... and finally meet up with her in person, without the anxiety.

Inside, you'll find out:

The Secrets of Sexual Tension

"How To Have Sex With A Woman In Only 2 - 4 Hours... Every Time!"

What do chick flicks and romance novels have in common?

1) Women can't get enough of them... 2) They're packed with mouth-watering, edge-of-your-seat sexual tension.

And a man who can turn her on using only his words is extremely sexy to every woman.

So in Secrets of Sexual Tension - I reveal my best techniques to get her aroused, thinking about you and DYING to 'try out' your skills in bed.

(All you gotta do is mumble a few sentences)

I'll teach you:

And... For a limited time, you'll also recieve a FREE Chapter of the BEST BOOK on getting your ex-girlfriend back I've ever seen. (And I've read quite a few)

Plus... For A Limited Time, You'll Also Receive A
FREE 30 Day Trial of Mastermind Monthly

I'll Also Give You A Free 30 Day Trial of Mastermind Monthly: Absolutely FREE!

Your browser may not support display of this image.

You'll also get the introductory package for my newsletter program: Mastermind Monthly.

Each and every month, my 4 top writers and I reveal our best ideas for today's dating game.

That includes brand-new techniques and insights, you'll never find anywhere else.

PLUS - Every month, I record a bonus audio CD.

Sometimes it's on a highly controversial subject - such as making a woman ADDICTED to you - And other times, I interview men who are naturally PHENOMINAL at meeting women.

I pick their brains. I dig out the "gold nuggets" they use to meet beautiful women. And I deliver them to your doorstep in a plain, unmarked package.

Membership to Mastermind Monthly is normal $97.00 per month. HOWEVER, if you claim your copy of The Attraction Code today, I'll give you a full 30 days FREE - And I'll even slice 30% off of your monthly subscription. (Only $67 per month)

I KNOW you'll fall in love with these techniques, because they'll help you meet more beautiful women than you've ever dreamed possible - without the anxiety, worry and HARD WORK.

And if for some reason - any reason whatsoever - You decide to cancel your membership, simply send an email to Or visit my support helpdesk at Or even give me a call toll-free at 1-888-525-2221 24 hours per day, 7 days per week... And I'll IMMEDIATELY cancel your membership. You'll never be billed a cent. No hassles, and no questions asked.

So Let's Wrap It Up:

When you claim your copy of The Attraction Code today, you'll get everything below...

  1. The Attraction Code Ebook -Valued at $37.00
    "Unleash the Man Within and Finally Get the Women You Deserve"
  2. No Flakes! - Valued at $24.97
    "The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Woman To Return Your Phone Calls And Meet You In Person"
  3. DiCarlo Escalation Ladder, 2nd Ed. - Valued at $24.97
    "How to Escalate Physically From Eye Contact All the Way to The Bedroom, Quickly and Without Rejection"
  4. Secrets of Sexual Tension - Valued at $24.97
    "How To Have Sex with a Woman within 2 - 4 Hours of Meeting Her... Every Time!"
  5. One Month FREE Membership to Vin's Mastermind - Valued at $67
    "Mastermind Monthly EXCLUSIVE Dating Coaching"

... A $297.88 value, all FREE for 7 days, and only an easy, one-time payment of $37, total.

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What If The Information
Could Change Your Life?

(Even Get A Girl ADDICTED To You)

What if just one of the techniques in this book WORKS, for you?

And what if you go on only one extra date every month, from now on?

Imagine how excited you'd be to get a brand-new girlfriend who loves you for YOU, even once every three months... Then having the power to keep her attracted to YOU for as long as you want.

Because HUNDREDS of men from around the globe testify that the same coaching you'll download today has been worth thousands of dollars. (It's transformed their lives because this 'secret psychology' has made the 'dating game' FUN again!)

So you would be absolutely NUTS to pass up The Attraction Code – where you'll get practically personal coaching, wherever you go – and all of the amazing bonuses, FOR FREE...

... Especially because I guarantee these techniques will work for you:


Download The Attraction Code today.

Skim through it just once.

Then put it down, walk away and never look at it again.

You will become naturally at ease around women... You will learn the 'secret thoughts' of hot and beautiful women, so you'll know what she's thinking no matter what she's telling you.

You will find yourself talking to, getting phone numbers from and going on dates with horny young hotties and wonderful women without ANY of the anxiety, worry or nerves you had before.

And remember – This is after you've just SKIMMED THROUGH IT ONCE!

When you read it for real - all the way through – You will have a flourishing sex life, filled with SCORES of women who can't wait to beat down your door and tear your clothes off. Because remember: You won't ONLY know what to say to get her emotionally addicted you...

... You will also BECOME the man she wants to take home, and bury between her sheets.

(Secretly, she'll want to 'take you off the market' for good. So finding your future wife, girlfriend or one-night hookup becomes easy, even child's play)

And if – for any reason, whatsoever – Every word I wrote above doesn't come true for YOU in just the FIRST 7 days... simply send me an email at or ask me a question at or even give me a call, toll free, 24 hours / 7 days per week at 1-888-525-2221... and I'll NEVER CHARGE YOU A PENNY!

PLUS: You keep The Attraction Code AND the bonuses for FREE – As your 'Thank You' gifts for trying out this program.

No hassles and no hard feelings.

When you decide to keep the book (and you will, because you'll discover up to three-hundred 'tiny tweaks' that will transform your dating and sex life, forever) you'll be billed ONE simple payment of only $37.

You Can Become
Magnetically Attractive To Women
For Less Than Two Dollars Per Day:
For Less Than One Month Of Morning Coffee!

And for under two dollars a day, you could either buy a bagel for breakfast at Dunkin' Donuts (with NO cream cheese – what a rip off) ...

... Or you could make talking to women become easy. Make her phone number become SIMPLE to pocket. And go on first dates EASILY, EFFORTLESSLY, and STRESS-FREE as your first step to a hot, steamy sexual relationship.

But You May Miss Out
If You Wait Until Tomorrow!
Here's Why:

Tony made me promise to publish The Attraction Code as fast as possible.

That moment is looking less like the distant future, and more like in a week or two... Maybe even tomorrow.

Because hundreds and thousands of men just like you – from around the globe – are finally living the dating and sex lives they've always dreamed possible. And YOU have the chance to become one of those men, today.

Once this book goes public, even the soft-cover will be more than $37. Because a better dating life is worth THOUSANDS of dollars.

And these bonus mini-books will NOT be free. In fact, you wouldn't even be able to buy them if you tried. So if you miss out on this offer today – you may not see it here tomorrow, or ever again.

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Fill in your information and hit the "Submit Your Order" button at the bottom. You'll go straight to your immediate download of The Attraction Code and your four free bonuses.

Use this information tonight and live a brand-new lifestyle BRIMMING with beautiful women, this weekend.

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(Almost forgot – You may have to kiss your Friday night porn site goodbye... because... Your girlfriend is ADDICTED to sexually satisfying you)

So click the add to cart button below, right now.

Fill in your information and hit the "Submit Your Order" button at the bottom.

And borrow my courage (plus ten years of experience) to make meeting women EASY, instead of frustrating or anxiety ridden.

Wishing you the success with dating and women you DESERVE,

Vin DiCarlo

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P.S. TOMORROW MORNING: Will you wake up in the same bed, ALONE.. Or with a woman you're not deeply in love with?

Will you feel happy living the same life you lived today?

Walking by beautiful women and feeling ANXIETY instead of EXCITEMENT?

The reality is - Every Day That Passes By, You're Getting Worse And Worse With Women.

And it's due to a little thing called "muscle memory" - What you do today becomes a HABIT, tomorrow.

That's why professional athletes shoot hundreds of free throws - Before they ever step to the line in an NBA game.

That's why Beethoven wrote hundreds of symphonies before he scribbled down his famous sonatas.

And that's why professional criminals who steal, kill and violate the law are perpetually in and out of prison, for the rest of their lives.

If you want to change your tomorrow... You need to take your first step, today.

You'll get ten years of experience with women for only $37...

... Along with three easy ways to contact me, any time - day or night.d

The Attraction Code is the smartest, most effective and SAFEST way to TRANSFORM your self-confidence talking to - and getting intimate with - women.

So click the "Add to Cart" button, below. Fill in your information. Claim your copy of The Attraction Code, today - And finally make ANY beautiful woman proud to be your girlfriend.

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The Attraction Code Package - Only $37

  • The Attraction Code eBook – The official authority ebook on dating and attraction
  • Four (4) Bonus eBooks – Get all the basic tools you need with The DiCarlo Escalation Ladder 2nd Edition, The NoFlakes Ebook, The Secrets of Sexual Tension, and Objection Game
  • Free 30 Minute Coaching Call – Get 30 minutes on the phone with a certified trainer, who will personally help you overcome specific challenges you may have with meeting, dating and attracting women

YES! Please include one month FREE trial of the Mastermind Program -- Where I can get every question I have about women answered by Vin and his Trainers. I'll receive one free issue of Vin's printed newsletter and CD directly in my mailbox. I understand that there is no obligation and I can cancel my subscription at any time. This is a 30 Day FREE Trial then $67 per month.

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"I was super excited to read the attraction code, because I had met Vin Dicarlo WAY back in 2005.... He had been posting some really good really detailed LRS, and was introducing a concept he was calling "natural game"...

...So when I started to see all the promo for The Attraction Code, I thought I should check it out...

...First let's talk about the information in The Attraction Code... In fact in all of the literature in the community, I don't know if attraction has EVER been looked at this closely on both an inner and outer game level...

... In fact this chapter contains the best definition of an alpha male I've ever read...

...Here's my favorite quote

"A woman is not fully satisfied unless she is satisfying you. She only completely enjoys sex when you enjoy sex. She trusts you if you make her be trustworthy. She feels comfortable when you are comfortable."

...But by far my favorite part of the book was this attraction proof. I felt like this was something I'd been trying to say for a long time without having the words...

...I REALLy liked the unique way that Vin put together The Attraction Code. It's written like Sperm Wars with a fictional narrative, this one happens to involve a protagonist named Patrick. There are also clues to the attraction code spread throughout the book to encourage the reader to actively follow the material...

...The Attraction code was simple to download, and easy to read and follow. It was also really nicely packaged with great artwork and a SUPER useful sidebar navigation system. Overall I'd say this is one of the best put together eBooks I've seen. It also comes with bonus material on preventing flakes, objection game, the Dicarlo escalation model and more!

Master Pick-Up Artist and Instructor



Just wanted to say thanks - I read the Attraction Code last week and I really resonate with loads of stuff. Could see myself in Patrick, and so much of what you said relates to my experience in relationships. ... I went out on Wednesday and got 2 phone numbers because I was really natural and had the "I am the prize" mentality...

...I was quite skeptical about it before reading it...

...Feel free to quote this for publicity if you wish (but I suspect you won't need to...)

All the best,





This book has shown me how to attract that kind of women I want in my life. I have learned how to approach and follow-up the women that I want to be with, and my standards have increased.





I learned that if you're going to be learning to date women you need to get out there and take some chances. Thanks for giving me the personal power to make it happen.





I'm finally getting results. I'm so glad I dropped all those cheezy techniques and routines.

New York City




Because of my English language difficulty because I am from China I didn't have the confidence to start conversations and if I did then they would just stop dead after a few minutes. I know can fight my inner voice and just do it anyway.

Las Vegas, NV




When I started Women would often just reject me cold. I'm not totally there yet but at least I am now going up and talking to women I don't know and being more confident. Couldn't have done it without you.

IT Specialist, Los Angeles



Hi Vin, I wanted to let you know how much the attraction code has made a difference in my life. In being one of the select few that got a preview copy I wanted to give it a decent try to see what it was like. To be honest I was a bit sceptical at first because I've read quite a few books and products now and some of it is just old stuff with a new angle, and I'd call myself a fairly critical independent thinker. This new book however truly is groundbreaking. The main inspiration I got from the book was how easy the pickup process is and with this new thinking process where I actually think like someone who is extremely successful with women I am so much more relaxed, feel so much less pressure, the interactions flow so much better, and I'm way more authentic.

And most importantly I'm getting killer results. This week I met a hot German tourist who was back in my room in about 20 minutes, had another German tourist who was not quite hot enough practically stalk me wanting to get into my pants, and another extremely attractive intelligent successful independent woman that I met at a Mexican restaurant when I was getting food who is planning on flying from Los Angeles (where I was last week) to New York City (where I am this week) to visit me and have a dirty weekend of fun. In fact she emailed me early the next morning to say how much fun she had and how amazing I am. It was unfortunate that things just didnt work out with logistics the night we hung out because she wanted to rip my clothes off. It seems the exact opposite situation to flaking.

Anyways, to anybody out there reading this its the best money you will invest on yourself, so just do it. The book irons out those little black spots in your game when something gets messed up between your intention (such as banging that hot chick over there at the bar) and what you actually do. It also gives you the belief that pickup is easy, and by doing that it actually makes it easier. What really stuck out to me was how independent being successful with women is to other parts of your life, and how if you develop a strong sense of game you don't need to dress weirdly, or say and do things you are uncomfortable with.

This really is the backbone of game and by developing your spontaneity you will give yourself a massive amount more freedom to be interesting and convey your sexuality without being needy, desperate or getting stuck in the friends zone. I guess that's what people mean when they say "just be yourself", find that stuff that already exists inside you, remove the need to impress women, and always stay right in the moment - the place where women tend to be.

I hope this gives an insight inside the product you are offering and encourages people to buy a copy for themselves and give it a go.

Best Regards,

Fred P.


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